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";s:4:"text";s:11361:"True anarchy. Generally considered second banana to the (funnier, probably) Duck Soup, but I think this might be my favorite because of the way it better represents what the Marx Bros movies were actually about. The Marx Brothers take on higher education and football in this riotous comedy. I would've kept the car and sold the chauffeur.”, “That's a-no good. Yes.We'll we can't support both. There were young children at the screening I attended, and they were laughing throughout. I like that Marx Brothers plots are usually just one word. Unlike Duck Soup, which strips away everything but the boys' surreal goofery, this has all of the usually-maligned elements of a Marx Bros picture: Zeppo in a boring romance, musical numbers, a maudlin harp solo from Harpo, etc. movies bill hader has mentioned in various interviews, podcasts, etc. There is hope for the world. Horse Feathers is another decently funny film by the Marx Brothers. Watch Horse Feathers. But here's the thing: "Everyone Says I Love You" is a GREAT song, and Zeppo's romance isn't so boring here (he barely has time to see her with the other three brothers crowding him out). Groucho’s act is more polished, he has better comic timing now, and he also sings and plays the guitar. Guess I should mention brother Zeppo who plays the straight man, is a decent actor, and he is a reliable singer. The newly minted president of Huxley University, Quincy Adams Wagstaff (Groucho Marx), is getting pressure from his son Frank (Zeppo Marx) to improve the football squad at the school. Most of these college tropes no longer exist outside of some jokes about Mr. Burns going to Yale from like 1992 and this movie has still aged twenty times better than Animal House. Very high quality film. Shock collars have been removed and this marks the first time the Marx Bros. truly “let loose” and full-blown, inexplicable zaniness is allowed to ensue—you’ve got Harpo shoveling school books into a fireplace, pulling a hot cup of coffee from his pocket, and escaping a room with Chico by maniacally sawing the wooden floor beneath them. Report this film. 1932 Mobile site. Yes.Have we got a college? © Letterboxd Limited. People use mymovierack for rating, reviewing and keeping track of watchlist. Harpo plays the harp again, which is a rerun of their first few films. The clunkiness of the early sound era is a thing of the past by now, Norman McLeod's camerawork is fluid and energetic, capturing the mayhem of the brothers brilliantly and showcasing some thrilling football game action through mobile cinematography. It seems like every comedy star or team has a film about campus life and they all seem to revolve around sports (like Buster Keaton's College and Harold Lloyd's The Freshmen). Horse Feathers is my favorite movie of 1932. RIP Allan Fish, your film taste and writing lives on. As far as joke success ratio goes, one of the greatest comedies. Personalized recommendation based on your taste. this movie made me say: wow, football is awesome ! Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. This website embed videos which are legally & link to original creator platform. The middle of the movie is filled with jokes that come rapidly and endlessly. This…, I don't usually post others' best-of/essential film compilations, since there are too many of them to keep track of, but…, Darren Carver-Balsiger 629 films 1,226 585 Edit, Made this list for my friend Alex. Horse Feathers is all about destroying the medium. A lesser Marx for me - though it may be diminishing returns of the formula (this being my 4th - though still superior to A Night in Casablanca). IMDb Their schtick is still amusing but I just don't find the setting all that exciting I guess (for example, I found the tropical resort hotel setting in The Cocoanuts…, There it is. It is directed by Norman Z. McLeod. I gotta have a chauffeur to take me to work in the morning.”, “Well if you've got no car, how can he take you to work?”, tarrdigrade 1,807 films 23,734 187 Edit, If you're feeling overwhelmed, but still want to squeeze a film into your daily routine, this list is made for…. Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + Nat Geo, Get unlimited access to the largest streaming library with limited ads, Stream on up to 4 devices at the same time. Horse Feathers (1932) "The Maddest Comics of the Screen!" Jayce Fryman 18,693 films 2,879 99 Edit, This list collects every film from the Starting List that became They Shoot Pictures Don't They's 1000 Greatest Films. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. I first saw this movie in college. There are some top quality gags here and the overall comic style is still a hoot. Synopsis The Maddest Comics of the Screen! Where they always sleep, in the classroom. For other episodes, we provide direct The brothers are the main event in this film. Your favorites, all in one place. But Professor, where will the students sleep? Directed by Norman Z. McLeod. Watch Horse Feathers starring Groucho Marx in this Comedy on DIRECTV. This Marx Brothers film is missing some gag sequences due to film damage. The plan takes an unexpected twist, however, when a bootlegger (Chico) and a dogcatcher (Harpo) are mistaken for the athletes and accidentally hired instead. officially available by content providers. More details at Bill Hader's "200 Essential Movies Every Comedy Writer Should See", New Beverly Cinema Films by Quentin Tarantino, Jonathan Rosenbaum's 1000 Essential Films, All Time Top 3,000 Films by Allan Fish (RIp). Featuring their trademark insanity, including a climatic football sequence that has to be seen to be believed, this quintessential Marx Brothers’ comedy earned a place on the AFI’s 100 Years…100 Laughs list. The story starts with a new college president Quincy John Huxley (Groucho) and ends with with an improbable football win. The film is a college movie, a football movie and a prohibition movie. watch online Watch Horse Feathers. Horse Feathers is another timeless comedy classic from the inimitable Marx brothers, a farcical tour de force that builds on the success of their earlier films and hones in on the aspects that made them so endearing and serves as a rousing precursor to their much revered fan favourite and comedy masterwork Duck Soup. Pretty much the only thing that's missing is Margaret Dumont, but it's not the movie's fault she forgot the password. 1932. As president of Huxley College, the fun-loving Professor Wagstaff (Groucho) attempts to help his son (Zeppo) finally graduate after 12 years by arranging to “buy” professional football players for an upcoming big game against rival Darwin University. Preserving this list for posterity as it disappeared. 7.6 Streaming Guide Movies Comedy. It wasn't the first Marx Brothers Movie that I had seen, but it made me want to see them all. Groucho is given some of his best lines yet and the siblings seem to feed off one anothers antics better than ever before, with many scenes together…, Another fun adventure from the Marx Brothers that is full of all sorts of shenanigans. While I enjoy those films, they were never among my favorites from those artists and that seems to be the case here. Love this movie? Trailer JustWatch. Night At The Opera is “OPERA,” Monkey Business is “BOAT,” and Duck Soup is “NATION.” This one is “COLLEGE.”. The overall framework is bit hugely compelling to me and is one of the thinnest. Quincy Adams Wagstaff, the new president of Huxley U, hires 70. After three films of incremental albeit continuous improvement, McLeod learns from his past effort, makes the proper corrections, kicks into overdrive, and finally knocks one out of the park. It also has a lot of horny sexist material that’s just bad. Quincy Adams Wagstaff, the new president of Huxley U, hires bumblers Baravelli and Pinky to help his school win the big football game against rival Darwin U. This time, the brothers get into trouble at a college (most memorably when they compete in a football game where absolute chaos ensues). Horse Feathers (1932) is a comedy, music movie starring Groucho Marx and Harpo Marx. Perelman Will B. Johnstone, Os Gênios da Pelota, Blühender Blödsinn, Die Marx Brothers: Blühender Blödsinn, Plumas de caballo, Marx Brothers-Fyra farliga friare (1932), Marx Brothers-Horse Feathers (1932), 68 mins   Where to watch. 1932 7.6 Streamers Information 7.6 Rated: U, L, F. Runtime: 1m 8s. TMDb The three genres are not separate from each other. Quincy Adams Wagstaff, the new president of Huxley U, hires bumblers Baravelli and Pinky to help his school win the big football game against rival Darwin U. Groucho Marx Harpo Marx Chico Marx Zeppo Marx Thelma Todd David Landau Bobby Barber Reginald Barlow Vince Barnett Sheila Bromley E.H. Calvert Edgar Dearing Robert Greig Theresa Harris Edward LeSaint Florine McKinney Nat Pendleton James Pierce Frank Rice Syd Saylor Arthur Sheekman Ben Taggart Phil Tead, Harry Ruby Bert Kalmar Arthur Sheekman S.J. It’s borderline batshit, but that’s the medium through which this type of humor thrives ; trims up the fat, coming in under 70 minutes, and the ostensible “story” (the football recruiting…, Some of the worst officiating I've ever seen at a football game, "If this is a singing lesson, call me a ring-tailed monkey. What kind of a car have you got?”, “Oh, I no got a car, I just got a chauffeur.”, “Well maybe I'm crazy, but when you have a chauffeur, aren't you supposed to have a car?”, “Well I had one, but-a you see it cost too much money to keep a car and a chauffeur so I sold the car.”, “Well that shows you how little I know. Film data from TMDb. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. The film is a mish mash (not a blend) of all three. NR 1 hr 8 min Aug 10th, 1932 Music, Romance, Comedy. Chico plays the piano again, rerun, but Chico sings this time around. A reverse of Darren Carver-Balsiger's list. Tomorrow we start tearing down the college. Also, too many musical interludes. I'm even convinced now that the brothers had genuine perverse pleasure stopping the film dead for those Zeppo romantic interludes. I mean Harpo destroys Football. ", "This is a singing lesson and don't bring your family into this". The Marx Brothers are known for bringing joy to people during The Great Depression. The four Marx Brothers – Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo – are at the top of their game in the uproarious parody of college life, Horse Feathers. Feel free…, A huge thanks to everyone who added films, helped me find films with alternate titles,…, Jaime Grijalba 3,010 films 608 23 Edit. 1932 Directed by Norman Z. McLeod. Cast; Crew; Details; Genres; Cast. Thelma Todd is the female lead…, “Oh, have you got a chauffeur? I am completely confident that if you were to show this to a group of younger kids, they would find it funnier than you'd expect. my first marx bros film and I absolutely loved it. Where would this college be without football?Have we got a stadium? More than any other Marx movie, it epitomizes how everything that are great about them also makes them ill-suited for film. 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